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Multi-storey hall office

System rooms have established themselves in industry as a light alternative to conventional construction, as they are flexible and also sustainable. The industry in Germany is in a constant state of upheaval and development due to innovations and the speed of the market. Our systems change in line with the requirements of your company. We can not only replace individual wall elements but also relocate entire office units.

bb industry multi-storey hall office
Multi-storey hall office with glass walls inside

We plan, design and build up to three-story hall offices for you in your industrial building. In this way, several work rooms are optimally arranged according to workflows and optimally organized, connected above and with one another in a manageable area.

Both the production process and the necessary office work can take place in parallel and undisturbed around these hall offices. Work routes between production, the offices and other departments are optimally and needs-based shortened thanks to precise planning. The highest priority is given to the safety of all employees in the ongoing work process. The optimized logistics of the various interdependent departments result in a faster (more) exchange of information. Thanks to the improved and faster communication, both duplicate work and possible error rates are considerably reduced. Operational processes can also be checked in a practical and timely manner.