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Custom-made hall offices

Our classic bb hall offices are primarily used to partition off a hall. These separated areas fulfill various purposes, e.g. foreman’s office, break room, workplaces, meeting points or measuring rooms. The constructions vary from one to three-storey hall offices. The external dimensions of our bb wall elements can be planned individually.

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Hall office with stairs and accessible ceiling system

Our hall offices consist primarily of steel posts and melamine resin-coated wall shells and are therefore extremely stable and resistant. The area of application is particularly characterized by its flexibility. Hall offices can be connected to existing ceilings, but can also be installed completely free-standing.

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Fine room in the hall with ram protection and windows

Overall, our bb hall offices serve as a spatial and acoustic partition for special work steps within your value chain. In manufacturing businesses, our wall systems enable specialists and executives to have a workplace in the immediate vicinity of production and thus the possibility of being able to manage all processes optimally and in the fastest possible way. A hall office also offers you the opportunity to set up rooms in noisy and dirty production halls in which employees can work cleanly and noise-absorbing.

Ground floor office with windows in the hall

Individually planned and expandable at any time, our systems adapt to every location and can be changed according to requirements. For optimal use of space - even in the smallest hall. All parts are reusable and modifiable, so they adapt to changes in your halls and newly organized work processes.

In addition to industrial companies and the manufacturing sector, our bb hall offices are also of interest to suppliers, dispatch warehouses and logistics companies. Hall offices can be integrated into existing properties as well as into new buildings.

Hall office with function rooms

With our flexible solutions, all employees who work in halls receive significant added value. Industrial walls and system rooms in industry and in the storage area are becoming more and more present in Germany. The reasons for this include decentralization in industry. Work planners and those responsible for production seek direct contact with manufacturing / production in order to avoid long distances and to coordinate and control processes on site at all times. Furthermore, diverse applications for room systems have developed, which has increased the demand for such system rooms in recent years, e.g. measuring rooms in technology areas, clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, clean rooms in the food and pharmaceutical industry, break rooms for employees, waiting rooms for production and quality control, magazines and storage rooms for special fabrics and materials.

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We take care of everything

Detailed advice

We would be happy to visit you for a detailed on-site consultation or cordially invite you to our showroom. As your construction consultant, we will support you from the start and help you determine your needs.

Planning & drawing

We plan and construct your hall office in close cooperation with you. Before production, we provide you with a drawing so that you can be sure that your new hall office fully meets your requirements from a technical and functional point of view.

Production & assembly

You will be integrated into each and every one of our work steps and can follow the processes through to delivery. The assembly is carried out by a German-speaking experienced team, which means that individual adjustments are also possible during the construction site.

bb industry hall office meeting

With the know-how of 45 years

We see ourselves as perfectionists when it comes to office and hall construction. The focus is on the performance and well-being of your employees. From planning and construction to handover, we implement your internal work with our system partition walls. A team of technicians, designers, architects and planners bring many years of experience to your projects.

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