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Hall partitions

With our high-quality bb partition wall systems for hall separation, all employees quickly and flexibly get the space and area they need to work efficiently and undisturbed. If work processes have to constantly adapt to new requirements, then flexibility in the organization of work and office space is the key. Thanks to our system partition walls for optimal hall separation (sub) divide different areas within a hall without major reconstruction or relocation of workplaces and thus remain flexible at all times.

Multi-storey hall office with a stage system
bb industry hall office

Every company plans with healthy growth and for innovative change. These plans are the basis for the success of our hall partitions. Our system partitions and hall partitions can be easily assembled or dismantled at any time. They can be optimally adapted to the needs of your workflow at any time and, thanks to the modular design, can be easily dismantled and rebuilt. We meet the highest demands in terms of sound insulation.