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bb hall offices

Our tailor-made hall offices offer you individual solutions to expand your existing halls and to create new rooms and workplaces. Our bb hall space systems can be planned flexibly, even in the smallest hall we can offer you the optimal solution. Together with you, we plan new uses for your existing hall space. Depending on the situation in the hall and requirements, at ground level, multi-storey or "floating". We enable you to optimally use your existing hall space.

bb industry hall office podium

We carry out the complete assembly of your hall office, both pedestal or stage construction as well as stairs and railings. Our systems allow designs in 2-, 3- and 4-sided assembly, depending on whether you want to include your existing hall walls in the planning.

Our hall offices create a sophisticated room atmosphere and support the requirements for information and communication processes during ongoing operations.

Concentrated work in close proximity to production

  • Modern and color-appealing appearance
  • Transparent construction in the center of your production areas
  • Accessible to all of your employees at any time
  • Fast communication channels, without obstacles
  • Short distances between the departments
  • High sound absorption
  • High security in fire protection

Typical application

  • Operations management office
  • Sales office
  • Laboratory
  • Social rooms
  • Disposition and control
  • Measuring and testing room
  • Meeting room
  • Master´s office, workshop office
  • Goods purchasing office
  • Packing zone
  • Production control / monitoring
  • Work preparation
  • Control centers / control rooms
  • And much more.