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Ground level hall office

Would you like to organize your industrial hall optimally with functional hall offices according to your individual work processes? With our practice-oriented planned hall offices, we create short and efficient work routes that allow you to ideally combine different work steps. Our high-quality sound insulation walls make it possible to accommodate from order acceptance to final production as well as all work steps in between in one hall with little effort.

bb industry hall office
Ground floor office with windows in the hall

Communication is one of the most important factors in any business. This is usually hampered by widely spaced departments. The lack of communication often results in errors and thus more work, more time and not to be forgotten, more costs. Our hall offices minimize these disruptive factors. Create a direct communication level on site: for example, a test center in ongoing production and thus direct control on site and in the middle of the action. In addition, a hall office that can be positioned flexibly, in contrast to a permanent building, offers the possibility of adaptable planning at any time.

Work rooms in the separated area

You can change your warehouse office at any time and at any location according to the current needs. With our quick and uncomplicated assembly and disassembly, you can (also) grow at short notice and optimally adapt to changing processes.

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Ground level hall office:
Standard design for different purposes, e.g. IT, measuring and testing room, smoking area, social room, small parts store, machine room, incoming and outgoing goods, etc.

  • Ground floor office with full glass in the hall
    Transparent construction in the center of your production areas
  • Ground floor hall office with windows door and gate
    High stability thanks to steel and wooden elements
  • Ground floor office with full glass in the hall
    Demands of specialists and executives as well as entrepreneurial requirements